Why Amistarium – Datanta?

  1. Use of Amistarium sites and services are completely free of charge
  2. It is a global network that can put you in contact with friends in 20 countries and 6 languages
  3. It is a solid and profitable company with the objective of being the largest global internet community.

About the Amistarium – Dantanta Group

The Amistarium Datanta Group is a portal of social/dating websites that allow one to find men and women around the world. In this moment Amistarium – Datanta has over 1.5 million registered and active users who are connecting with people who share similar tastes and hobbies.
The company was founded in 2006, and since then has continued to expand and grow with new sites in various countries.  In addition, Amistarium has created a space for the gay community with websites, in English and Spanish, which have already surpassed 180,000 users.

What sets Amistarium apart from other similar portals is their concept of globalization. Amistarium is present in 25 countries and in 6 languages. Also, is the only portal that validates all registered users and verifies that the pictures they include are real.

The Amistarium service is completely free for both new and existing users and will remain as such because the idea behind this site is connecting and fostering relationships. All users can create a profile on the web with descriptions, real photos and even videos.
With more than 250,000 women registered, Amistarium projects many changes in the coming months, including a comprehensive change to the design and functionality of the site.

Find Amistarium in: Spain, Argentina, Chile, México, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Perú, Portugal, UK, France, Italy, Venezuela, Canada, Germany, Austria, India, Bolivia, USA, Switzerland, Belgium.
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, English.

Amistarium-Datanta in media

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